Refunds are not accepted in both the physical and the online store.

  1. The customer can see the progress of his order by sending an e-mail to info@midway.gr or by calling 2310511092 from 9:00 – 14:00 Monday – Friday


  1. The distribution of the products takes place in any place you tell us within 1-3 working days from the completion of the order.


  1. In case of a mistake of ours, such as: To put the wrong product in the customer’s order or to put a different number from the one he has chosen, or to make a wrong charge, or if the product is not in stock without being informed accordingly in our online store, then a refund is made to a bank account. If he wishes, the money can be credited and he can shop from the e-shop or the product can be replaced (he has the option) from the store he bought respectively. In order to take any action, the customer must first contact Midway Company, as well as report his problem to us, and get the special return code. The product must be in EXCELLENT condition, as well as the special tabs must not have been removed.


  1. In case a product is defective, he should inform us, we will give him a special return code and we will send the product to the company. The company in turn will check the product and will judge it for error recognition. In case the company takes responsibility then the customer is asked to make a replacement from the store he bought or to credit the amount of the product in the e-shop that will be able to use it within 2 months (from the store that made its initial purchase) from the day he receives the informative e-mail. In case the customer is responsible for the defect of the product then the product is returned back to the customer as he is obliged to bear the shipping costs which amounts to 3 € (Speedex Courier). He can choose the shipping method himself, and even pick it up from the store with identification data. Applies to products of the same season.


  1. As soon as a product is sent, the customer is informed by mail (This also applies to changes.)


  1. VAT is included in the listed price.


  1. All products are returned to Midway stores and undergo a detailed inspection. They should be in their original condition exactly as you received them, as well as their tabs have not been removed. They should also be very well packaged as the customer is responsible.


  1. Underwear and swimwear can not be returned for hygiene reasons 
  2. The customer is fully responsible for the return of the products.
  3. Address for sending returns or changes:

Pan. Tsaldari 13 & Ag. Georgiou
Neapoli, Thessaloniki
Postal Code 56727
Tel: +302310511092


  1. Payment methods: 1) COD (cash on delivery – only for Greece),
    2) Credit card visa, mastercard
    3) Bank Account number
    Piraeus: GR2701722140005214007170813
    Ethniki: GR4101102240000022400109447
    Eurobank: GR2002601830000270200576071
    Bank charges are borne entirely by the customer.
  2. Shipping: Shipping costs for all of Greece are €3 shipping & € 2 cash on delivery (including taxes). In special cases within a period of discounts for a period to be determined by the company Midway may be charged itself (the company) shipping & cash on delivery. [Valid only for Greece]. Shipping costs for Cyprus are 15 € shipping & 4 € cash on delivery (including taxes, shipping within 3-5 working days with Speedex) while for oversized products & large volume orders, a representative of the company will contact the customer for the most advantageous choice shipping. For shipments outside Greece, a Midway representative will contact you to inform you about shipping methods and costs. For more information you can visit speedex.gr

In case the customer wishes delivery on the same day, he undertakes the additional shipping costs (Express). To find out these expenses call 2310511092 from 9:00 to 14:00

The customer can see the progress of his order by putting the order name in the special field http://www.speedex.gr/ (We will send him the order number by email as soon as the product is sent by us)


  1. Changes:

Change can be made within 14 days of receiving your product. In order for the change to take place, you must FIRST contact the company Midway, either by phone or by mail, tell us the reason for the return and the product guide, get a special code from us where you must in any way and the product reaches us to be marked on the package to be recognizable to the company. In case the CORRECT RETURN CODE is not written on the package, the company Midway is not obliged to either recognize or receive the product. After consultation with the customer the company can make a) Replacement of the product b) Credit in the e-shop and the customer can make a purchase of only equal or greater value in the period 2 months from the store where he bought the original product. (If someone makes a change from the men’s store that will change or the amount that will be credited can only use it for purchases from the men’s store, the same applies to the women’s store).

Item changes between men’s and women’s store or discount and non-discount item or item from another season are not made.
If there is a possibility and desire of the customer to make the change from our physical store then this can be done but the above conditions apply.


IIn case someone wants to make a change, the return shipping is NOT undertaken by the company but by the customer (to send it from his home to our company, but also for the company to send it back to him). He can send it back to us in any way he wants (even himself) from the moment the charge will be his and he will write on it the special code that we will give him, + 2 € which will be the shipping to be sent to him by us with Speedex courier within 1-5 days. If there is a difference in the amount and you need to complete it by cash on delivery then the customer is charged another + 1.5 € which is the cash on delivery amount.

After the return of the products as soon as we receive them we will inform you by email or by phone. If no mail has been sent to you within 6 days from the day you made the shipment or you have not received a telephone update, then call +302310511092 (Greece)

For the products to which the pre-order is valid, as soon as we see the order we will call to agree on the amount of the deposit. The deposit will be 1/3 of the price and in case the customer changes his mind about the product he has ordered he must buy something from the respective store that made the order or from the e-shop or from the physical store